VLEPO Power Node


Built to order and pre-configured for use with the VLEPO Platform.  A VLEPO Power node pre-configured with a current sensor and all necessary software. For use with 3-phase electricity.  Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

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The Power Node is used to automatically monitor the current being used by a machine. Using this data VLEPO determines if the machine is operating or not and records metrics.

Based on a Raspberry Pi, the Proximity Node is an Enerserve SmartPi with VLEPO software installed and configured to use with the VLEPO Platform. It consists of the following:

  • Enerserve SmartPi (240v Mains Supply or 5v direct)
  • Current sensor
  • VLEPO Node software v1.0
  • Current sensor for use with 3-phase electricity supply

If you would like to create your own Power Node to use with VLEPO please contact us for the hardware and software requirements. The VLEPO Node software can be provided for free.

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