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Productivity is one of the biggest challenges facing industry today.  With the advent of Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory technologies it has been estimated that improvements of 30-50% are possible. But how do you do this? 

When looking to improve any manufacturing operation it is typical to ask questions such as:

  • How do you track your asset utilisation?
  • Do you have a live dashboard of your operations?
  • How do you know if an activity takes longer than it should?

This demo has been set up to show how VLEPO can be used to answer these questions and help improve performance and utilisation. It consists of 3 assets where the status of each can be changed and tracked by the press of a button.  With this input VLEPO provides:

  • A Live Dashboard with the status of each Asset
  • Analytics showing performance utilisation
  • Detailed data of each individual activity carried out
  • Alerts when an activity is outside defined parameters (duration)
  • Power Analytics – drill down reports to analyse data and identify trends

Note that the method used in the demo to update Asset Status (manual update) can be used in a live VLEPO project.  However, assets can also be automatically monitored using VLEPO Nodes – the Raspberry Pi devices shown in the VLEPO SHOP.

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